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About ICPCNews

Hundreds of thousands of members of the ICPC Community engage, interact, and build synergies around competitive programming through ICPCNews. Our official ICPCNews channels provide community information to our social media communities on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, VK, WeChat, and YouTube to learn the latest ICPC and ICPC Foundation developments. ICPCNews offers information about ICPC Regionals and World Finals, competitive programming training strategies, and stories about past and current competitors and entities around the world supporting the ICPC Community.

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About ICPC Live

Whether you are a coach, an aspiring contestant, or a fan, tune into the ICPCLive broadcast to follow the ICPC World Finals – the ultimate intellectual esport. Follow Judges and Analysts for problem analysis, see World Finalist profiles, and watch screens of the world’s best competitive programmers as they battle for the title of ICPC World Champion. Vote for your team to appear in the broadcast more often, tune into ICPC regional events throughout the year, or relive the best moments and team reactions to accepted solutions with the video archive. Available on most streaming platforms, live broadcast is the best way to follow a contest in real-time and connect with the community.

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